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Brandy Menefee's candid photography

captures motion & emotion --

of people in their element, having a moment.

Her photos are used for

film/TV/digital promotion, website branding, digital content 

for O The Oprah Magazine, Variety, USA Today, OK!

Dance Magazine & Desert Magazine,

and are displayed in homes & hair salons.

Brandy's career started at MTV News, where she spent years
visiting LA film & music video sets as the behind-the-scenes crew.

She continued documenting people on sets & stages,
and in the sacred space of musicians, chefs, doctors,
storm chasers, war veterans, newlyweds & entertainers.

Brandy's most indelible photo job was

a 4 month stint at Sears Portrait Studio

where she photographed newborns, infants, toddlers, teens,

couples, grandparents, families & real estate agents

from Halloween through the holiday season.

Props made from photos of 
Nicole Scherzinger & Jeff Dye

for the set of NBC's I Can Do That

Brilliantly original and perversely-engaging

Life Framer juror

re: Kicked To The Curb photo series

Brandy is a genius at capturing the right moment when you least expect it -- her artful eye is impeccable

Jacqui K

Los Angeles

Brandy Menefee has captured some of the most candid, beautiful, soul-revealing images of the people I love and the moments between us

Michelle D

Los Angeles

She sees with her heart -- which Brandy expresses into the most thoughtful, creative, sometimes whimsical, meaningful, loving, inspiring photographs -- and draws us into the presence of so many pieces of life we might not have seen otherwise

Karen M

Los Angeles

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